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There are some real estate skills that you can learn quickly, like entering listings in the MLS, taking pictures for virtual tours or working a lockbox. They are simple skills that take little judgment or finesse. There are other talents that are more like ballet, one lesson will not do it.

You need to study negotiating, then practice it, try it, analyze the experience, fine tune it, try it the next time, then reflect on it. You have to gradually develop the skills to be able to fully practice the art of negotiating. The Negotiating Institute gives everything you need to fully develop negotiating talent.

The Institute has the advantage of providing an education that is focused on real life real estate, not just theories of how to negotiate in a business meeting. You could read all the Harvard Treatises and Pro Sports negotiating books, then try to adapt the principles to your daily life in real estate. Instead, the Institute does it for you.

The Institute provides the latest education online, where you can read material focused on real estate that is regularly updated. Also, the Institute gives you the ability to participate in nationwide discussions of negotiating issues so that you can learn from the experiences of top agents from all over the United States. Check out the ideas posted in the member’s only section, then participate by putting in your own thoughts so that you can develop and fine tune your judgment. Next, you get regular webinars at a dramatic discount for hands on personal training to improve your skill in the art of negotiating real estate.

What will this do for you?

  • You will put together more deals, from listings, to sales, to referrals, to repair solutions, to post closing solutions. In other words, you will have more sales from the same number of leads.
  • You will put deals together more smoothly, with less aggravation.
  • You will keep more deals together and have them close more easily.
  • You will have more satisfied customers, as they get their goals accomplished, frequently by giving less and getting more.
  • You will have better relationships with other Realtors, as they will appreciate working with someone who can make a sale work and make it work gracefully.
  • Your will have a better, less stressful life because your relationships with your clients and your peers will be improve.
  • You will contribute to the professional image of real estate agents.

To develop this valuable skill

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