Short Sales & Foreclosure Notes

A “short” sale is where a lender takes less money than what is owed on the loan.  This is done by the lender instead of foreclosing on the property, when the borrower is having trouble making the payments.   If the property can be sold, but sold for less than what is owed, the lender may […]

Do You Want to be Powerful?

Knowledge is power. This is one of the most important concepts in negotiating, as shown by the fact that this phrase was originally coined centuries ago by Sir Francis Bacon. For example, your client wants to buy this house, and the price seems good. If you knew that the seller had just received a notice […]

Steps to Guide Your Decisions

You need to develop certain principles that work for you in negotiating, then follow them nearly every time. Please notice the word nearly, as I hardly do anything every single time. Negotiating is an art, with a little science that is mostly probability, so you need to know when to apply a principle, and when […]