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If you are trying to decide if Create A Great Deal, the Art of Real Estate Negotiating is for you, consider these endorsements from a wide range of real estate and negotiating professionals:

From Real Estate Coaches and Instructors



“Tim Burrell has infused the real estate experience with negotiating knowledge, giving useful strategies to every piece in the process. His “Create A Great Deal” is a contribution to the industry and a gift for anyone desiring better results in their negotiating skills.” 

     —Howard Brinton, premier real estate coach, founder and CEO of Star Power Systems, past president of the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) (www.GoStarPower.com


tim-laurie-moore-moore“Tim Burrell’s new book on negotiating, “Create a Great Deal,” is easy to read, filled with real world examples and full of smart, creative ideas that will take your negotiating skills to the next level. Read this book – your buyers and sellers will benefit and so will your bottom line. Who knew negotiating and reading about it could be such fun?!”

 —Laurie Moore-Moore, founder of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, co-founder and former co-editor of REAL Trends and creator of the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation. She is the author of Rich Buyer, Rich Seller.  (www.luxuryhomemarketing.com)


dsc01263“In any market, but especially in today’s market, REALTORS® need negotiating talent. Tim knows negotiating, and better yet, he knows how get his no-fail information and strategies across to you.  If you need to improve your negotiation skills, this is the book for you!”

 —Allen F. Hainge, CRS Instructor, premier real estate coach, Founder and President of the CyberStars®, he is the author of Dominate! and Secrets of the CyberStars®  (www.CyberStars.net)




bernice_ross2“Tim Burrell’s book, Create a Great Deal, is the most comprehensive real estate negotiation book ever written for the real estate industry. Even if you have been negotiating real estate deals for 30 years or more, Burrell’s proven approaches will provide you with more new tools in your negotiating toolbox than you can possibly imagine. If you want to sky rocket your negotiation skills, Create a Great Deal is the one book you need today to make your business soar tomorrow.”


   —Bernice Ross, syndicated columnist, speaker and author. Inman News calls her “America‘s Top Real Estate Coach.” She is the author of Waging War on Real Estate’s Discounters plus, Real Estate Dough: Your Recipe for Real Estate Success and the game that teaches real estate negotiating—Real Estate Dough-Negotiation. (www.RealEstateCoach.com)

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From Negotiation Trainers for Realtors®



“Tim Burrell’s “Create a Great Deal” is the best negotiation book ever written for real estate professionals. It is thorough, enlightening, and full of outstanding negotiation advice. Agents who implement Tim’s approaches and techniques will become exceptional negotiators not only in real estate, but in non-real estate negotiations as well.”

Tom Hayman, Owner/CEO of Negotiation Expertise, LLC, and author of the top negotiation training course in real estate “ Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®) Designation Course for Real Estate Professionals” (www.NegotiationExpertise.com).



From Negotiation Professionals and Speakers


“William Shatner doesn’t really get negotiation. But Tim Burrell does. His new book Create a Great Deal applies down-to-earth, adult negotiation strategies and principles to the real estate field. For real estate professionals and those buying or selling property it is a definite `buy it and read it’ book. I love it.  …”  

   —Phil Marcus, Esq. 35 year Washington D.C. area litigation and business lawyer, presenter of the “Zen and the Art of Negotiation” seminars and author of a forthcoming book by the same name (www.negotiationpro.com)

From Top Realtors® in the Luxury Market


“The ability to negotiate is very important in the luxury home market. Most upper tier buyers and sellers are savvy negotiators, so a Realtor® who works this segment of the market needs to demonstrate mastery of the art of real estate negotiating. Being an adept negotiator will put you in the inner circle of their valued advisors and help you maintain them as clients for life. Tim Burrell’s book gives you the tools you need to work in any market, including the luxury market.”


—Jo Ellen Nash, CRS, serving the Luxury Markets of Naples, Fl and Vail, CO, Founding Guild Member, Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Star Power Star, CyberStar®, (www.NashVail.com and www.NashNaples.com)



“Tim Burrell has been developing quality material on negotiating for years, gaining tips from some of the top negotiating real estate agents in the country. He’s made presentations to real estate groups, moderated panels, and arranged mock negotiations. This book is a compilation of the best of the best on negotiating, a critical skill for the successful real estate agent. Good negotiating skills help clients get better results – receiving more as a seller, and paying less as a buyer. Further, in many cases, good negotiating skills can mean the difference between closing a sale and losing a property. I highly recommend this book for agents who want to be more successful for themselves and for their clients.”

—Sharon Simms, CIPS
CRS CLHMS ABR CRB RSPS, instructor for the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist course, ALVA International, Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida  (www.ssimms.com)  



From Top Realtors in the Bank Owned (REO) Market


“This book is very informative and well written and offers real life successful negotiations scenarios, instead of the usual hype. It should be endorsed by every real estate organization, because Realtors® need this talent to succeed.”


—Tom Moon, Founder of ReoBroker.com, former #1 agent Nationwide for ERA, top agent in Orange County, CA for 2007 & #2 for 2008, Director REOMAC, over $150 Million in sales in 2008 (www.REObroker.com)



From Top Producing Agents Across America


“Of the many skills a good Realtor® needs to master, none is no more important than negotiating. All the work to get a listing or to pick up a buyer is for naught if you don’t have the skills necessary to get you to the finish line. Tim shows you not just how to get to the finish line but well beyond that line.”


   — Rob Levy, CRS, Star Power Star, CyberStar®, Portland Oregon’s top Realtor® with over 20 years experience, #63 worldwide for Prudential Real Estate, (www.RobLevy.com)



“When Tim and I were at the same firm, he taught me a great deal about negotiating. Now, this book shares his insight with Realtors® everywhere. You will learn how to make more sales, have them go together better and close more easily, all the while working more smoothly with the other Realtors®. You need this book in today’s market.”


—Jim Allen, Raleigh, North Carolina, #5 agent nationwide for Coldwell Banker, former #2 agent nationwide for Prudential (www.JimAllen.com)



“With the troubled real estate market, Realtors® need to take advantage of every opportunity to make a sale. With the techniques that Tim teaches, Realtor® will be able to make more clients happy, while they make more sales.  Besides that, this book will teach you to get the best deal for your client while you make everyone feel that they‘ve won.”


—Cheryl Scott Daniels, CRS, CyberStar, Westport, CT. #3 ERA broker team in the USA, Realtor of the Year 1993 and 2002  (www.csdgroup.com)



“Being a successful negotiator is what the clients of today expect in a Realtor®.  Negotiating is a skill that is learned. Don’t learn it the hard way. Tim’s book captures all the essential elements you need to learn to be a successful negotiator!”


—Pat Wattam, CRS, Star Power Star, CyberStar®, Baton Rouge, LA. with over 25 years experience and consistently the Number 1 RE/MAX Team in Baton Rouge (www.patwattam.com)



“This is a must-read for any real estate agent who plans to succeed. Tim Burrell has effectively presented the skills necessary to thrive in the real estate market. Agents must know how to increase the number of potential sales though negotiating. This real estate specific look at negotiating will show you how to do it.”


—Darryl Baskin, CyberStar®, one of the top agents in Tulsa, OK, weekly radio talk show host, and television talent for The Future of Real Estate. (www.darrylbaskin.com)



“With the difficult market in Florida, Realtors® need to succeed with every opportunity to make a sale. Particularly in today’s market, negotiating talent is essential for putting the sale together and negotiating it again and again all the way to closing. Tim Burrell’s book teaches the negotiating skills you will need to not only make more sales, but to get a better agreement for your clients. Learn what Tim can teach you so that you can enjoy the real estate profession more.” 


—Brett Ellis, CRS, Star Power Star, CyberStar®, RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Speaker RE/MAX International Conventions,  #1 sales Team, Lee County, FL (www.topagent.com)



“Sellers want the highest dollar for their property. Buyers want the highest value for the lowest dollar. Successful transactions – deals that close – demand skillful negotiations. Too often, real estate agents confuse negotiation with confrontation. Learn the difference. Tim Burrell’s book teaches how to negotiate better, make more clients happy and make more sales close.”


   — Kathy Drewien, CRS, CyberStar®, premier Atlanta, GA Realtor®, featured on the June ’07 cover ‘Generations Relations’ issue of CRS Magazine, real estate technology specialist, (www.AtlantaRelo.com)


“I was so fortunate to read the first draft of Tim’s book Create A Great Deal. The title is perfect. During my review I was in the middle of several transactions and used Tim’s negotiating techniques. His “tools” allowed me to make the best deals for my clients. Tim gives the best advice and makes this a Win-win for all…..especially the Real Estate agent!” 

—Margaret Rome, CRS, CyberStar®, author of Real Estate the Rome Way, one of the top Realtors® in Baltimore, MD (www.HomeRome.com)


“Tim Burrell’s book, Create A Great Deal, teaches negotiating in the best manner possible, by using stories and personal examples. We Realtors® relate to people and the best way for us to understand and remember concepts, tools and principles is to relate them to stories. I highly recommend this book to everyone in the real estate business as we can all benefit from better negotiating skills.”


—Beth McKinney, CRS, Star Power Star, CyberStar®, RE/MAX Hall of Fame, top agent for RE/MAX UNITED in Cary, North Carolina.  (www.BudnBeth.com 

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