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Create A Great Deal
The Art of Real Estate Negotiating
Create A Great Deal
Negotiating should not be a battle, as it is truly an art. You can learn to artfully create more deals, and better deals, by reading Create a Great Deal.
This book focuses only on real estate negotiating, the kind that real estate agents and investors have to learn to succeed. The most difficult part about a real estate sale is occasionally the other agent or the other party. Yes, there are difficult customers, stressful situations and sudden problems. But, if you and the other parties can negotiate well together, the experience can be professional, occasionally choreographed like a smooth dance. If you and the others cannot mesh, it gets ugly.
This book teaches you to treat the other side as a counterpart instead of an opponent. You learn to work together to reach the common goal of buying and selling a property, instead of the battle that you now endure. When you let everyone involved feel like they have won, you get a sale that closes more gracefully, as well as customers and other agents who want to work with you again.
Overcome negotiating barriers
Get more sales from the same
number of leads
Every sale counts. You need to get the deal signed and complete the sale every opportunity you get. It does not look like the number of sales will increase soon, so stop missing sales from negotiating mistakes.
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Here are some things you’ll learn:
  • How to use collaborative negotiations where everyone feels they won
  • How to increase your negotiating power
  • Principles of negotiating that tell you what to do in every situation
  • Rules of negotiating to keep you from making mistakes
  • Tools of the negotiating trade to give you the ability to create a great deal
  • Tricks you need to recognize so they cannot be used against you.
  • How to increase your income by getting more commission from the same sale
  • And lots more…

What’s inside

This book is over 250 pages of in depth analysis of real estate negotiating in a manner that has never been done before. You will get an understanding of all the terms and concepts used in real estate negotiating of every type, for every market.
Designed specifically for agents and professional real estate negotiators, you get a step by step guide of how to represent buyers, sellers and yourself in all the situations you can face in the real estate business.
Here are some of the topics we cover:
  • How to keep your commission from being cut so that you get the full listing commission or even get a bonus compared to other agents
  • How you negotiate differently when representing a buyer or a seller when there are multiple offers
  • How to deal with repair negotiations so the sale closes smoothly instead of falling apart
  • How to keep hostile emotions out of negotiations so you live a more stress free life
  • How to deal with difficult people and stop outrageous behavior
  • And lot’s more…

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